The main objective of granting Loans and Advances is to ensure effective deployment of funds with the Society in creative and productive activities in such a way as to improve the living conditions of members as well as their social upliftment. Equally important, if not more, is the safety of loan funds. Prompt repayment loans and advances as per the stipulated terms and conditions is most important as the funds so deployed are the amount of deposits of members/shareholders who have invested with trust in the Society. So it is the paramount duty of the Society to ensure quality of loans and advances

The following items in respect of the property offered as security should be obtained:

  1. Original title deed
  2. Latest Tax paid receipt (It should also be ensured that House/Building Tax paid receipt is also obtained in case there is a building on the property – this will help us to prove that the item is a residential or commercial property.)
  3. Encumbrance Certificate for 13 years showing NIL encumbrance
  4. Possession Certificate – care should be taken to ascertain that there are no RR proceedings pending against the property owner
  5. Site Plan – Location Map and
  6. Prior Documents, if any
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